The BBC Domesday Project 1986

In 1986 the BBC launched a project to record a snapshot of everyday life across the UK for future generations. A million volunteers took part, many of them schoolchildren. In 2011 the BBC published the survey online and invited updates to celebrate the 25th anniversary.

Here is one Castle Bromwich schoolgirl writing in 1986:



I woke up at 7.30a.m., got up, had a wash, dressed and went down for my breakfast. I had toast and a cup of tea.I then cleaned my teeth and brushed my hair. I watched 'The Young Ones' on the video before I left for school at 8.40a.m. The morning session began with registration after which we went to the hall for assembly. Our first lesson of the day was Maths. Play-time followed, after which we had Creative English in which we wrote stories about a storm at sea. The bell rang at 12.00 noon and I went home for my lunch. I went back to school at 12.45p.m. I played with my friends until the whistle was blown at 1.00p.m. We had games in the afternoon. The boys played football and the girls did netball. School finished at 3.30pm. When I got home I listened to some records in my bedroom. After tea I read & watched TV. I went to bed at 9.45pm. 


For more on our area, take a look at the BBC Domesday Reloaded website.


'A History of Castle Bromwich for Young People' written by William Dargue 2016 for the Castle Bromwich Bellringers.

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